Report Hate Activity

Western North Carolina Citizens
For An End To Institutional Bigotry

PO Box 18640, Asheville, NC 28814
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Confidentiality: All information submitted to WNCCEIB will be handled with strict confidentiality and any follow-up action will be taken in consultation with you.

To Report: hate crimes, workplace or school-based discrimination, or other hate activity, you may send the following information to us by telephone, snail mail, email, or fax including as many of the following details as possible:

Date of the incident:
Time of incident:
Location of the incident(street address if applicable):

Description of incident (include as many details as possible):

Type of Bias/Hate Activity Involved:
Ethnic background
Sexual orientation
Other: please specify

Contact information:

Note: Whether you are reporting an incident that happened to you or to someone you know, you may report the incident anonymously. However, providing your contact information may be very helpful in assisting you and/or the victim of the hate activity:

-Name of person making this report:
-Email address:
-Telephone no.:
-Snail mail address:

Note: If the hate activity you are reporting concerns sexual orientation, we also urge you to report it through the Human Rights Campaign web page at<>. Click on the “Issues” section then on the banner asking if you have been the victim of a hate crime. They are compiling information to use in pushing for national hate crime status for bias crimes based on sexual orientation. They need examples and can also provide advice.