Kirk D. Lyons

Named a leader in the national white supremacy movement in 1992 by the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)
Incorporator of the CAUSE FOUNDATION
, now mothballed
Incorporator of the Neo-Confederate Southern Legal Resource Center

which works on “Southern heritage” issues
Note how Lyons named his organization (SLRC) in what appears an attempt to confuse people with SPLC

BACKGROUND ON KIRK LYONS: In 1991, Kirk Lyons moved from Houston, TX to Black Mountain, NC. At that time, he dissolved the Patriots Defense Fund and established the CAUSE Foundation (Canada, Australia, United States, South Africa, Europe). In 1991, he had been named one of the nation’s ten “Leaders in Today’s White Supremacy Movement” in a Southern Poverty Law Center’s special report on the History of Klan Violence.

In 1992, while traveling in Europe speaking to Holocaust-didn’t-happen type groups, Lyons gave an interview to the a neo-nazi skinhead magazine called “Volkstreue”. In that interview he was asked what he thought of the Ku Klux Klan. Lyons replied:

“I have great respect for the Klan historically, but, sadly the Klan today is ineffective and sometimes even destructive. There are many spies in it and most of its best leaders have left the Klan to do more effective work within the movement.
“It would be good if the Klan followed the advice of former Klansman Robert Miles: ‘ Become invisible. Hang the robes and hoods in the cupboard and become an underground organization.’ This would make the Klan stronger than ever.”

Since moving to Black Mountain, Lyons has tried to present himself as a “civil rights lawyer for the right wing” or, in his current incarnation, a lawyer for “southern heritage and the Confederate flag.” Given Lyons’ advice to the KKK about working in an “underground organization,” the public should be aware of and wary of Lyons’ activities.

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