Eliminating “Indian” Mascots


List of NC Public Schools with American Indian Mascots

NC State Supintendent of Education’s Letter to 117 District Supts.  Concerning NC State Board of Education’s Action Statement (see below); Sent Oct. 31, 2002

NC State Board of Education ‘Action Statement’ Passed June 6, 2002

NC Advisory Council on Indian Education Resolution Passed February 26, 2002

NC Commission on Indian Affairs Resolution Passed June 9, 2000

United States Civil Rights Commission Statement Passed April 13, 2001

State Superintendent’s Letter to Buncombe County Public Schools February 9, 1998
–urging BCPS to drop ‘Warriors & Squaws’ at Cyde A. Erwin High School

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Report on Sacred American Indian Imagery used offensively at Clyde A Erwin High School
by Dr. Jace Weaver, Yale University, August 30, 1999

Report on Native American Imagery, Clyde A. Erwin High School, Buncombe County, NC by Former Principal Chief Joyce C. Dugan and B. Lynne Harland, March 31, 2000

‘Honoring Indians’: Questions for Educators    Prepared by NCMEAG, lists questions for discussion by educators, students, and parents


October 2005    American School Board Journal: “Mascots and Meaning: How one district worked through the emotional issue of changing team logos.    By Dr. Terry Grier, Superintendent, Guilford County Public Schools
Dr. Grier urges school systems to listen to both sides, focus on the important role of the principal, and pay homage to the past. His school system retired three “Indian” mascots in 2004, two of them in high schools.

January 11, 2005    Durham Herald-Sun:”Webb High to drop Indian from Warriors”  Oxford High School in Granville County will unveil its new Warrior (without Indian imagery or reference) January 25. Brings to 29 NC public schools dropping the ‘Indian’ mascot. (Note: article has an error, 40% not “over half” of the 72 original schools with ‘Indian’ mascots have dropped them.)

November 28, 2004    Charlotte Observer: Northwest Middle School changes nickname to Titans
Cabarrus County middle school takes big step after study of mascot issue

January 14, 2004 News & Record (Greensboro): “Guilford schools board forbids Indian mascots”   Guilford County Board of Education (107 schools/66,000 students) votes 9 to 1 to develop a policy to end ‘Indian’ sport mascots at the two high schools with them;
Read NCMEAG’s statement to the Board
Read NCMEAG’s letter to Southern Guilford Principal
Also read High Point Enterprise coverage of the Board meeting

April 30, 2003   News & Observer: “Mascots That Offend” by Dennis Rogers Article raises questions and issues pertaining to NC State Board of Education’s efforts; also includes question for readers: “Should NC schools eliminate Indian sport mascots?”

March 29, 2003    Virginian-Pilot: NC School Districts Rethinking Use Of Indian Mascots
Focus on Manteo High School ‘Redskins’ Manteo, NC Dare County

March 28, 2003    Associated Press: One NC School System not ready to get rid of Indian mascots
Focus on South Stokes High School, “Mighty Sauras” Walnut Cove, NC Stokes County

February 17, 2003    WNCCEIB’s email to Principals of NC public schools with American Indian mascots. Suggestions and resources for schools.

October 31, 2002     NC State Supintendent of Education’s Letter to 117 District Supts.  Concerning NC State Board of Education’s Action Statement (see below)

June 6, 2002,     N.C.State Board of Education Passes Resolution Regarding Indian Sport Mascots
-Recommended by the N.C. Advisory Council on Indian Education, the Resolution calls on all public schools in North Carolina to “educate themselves on the educational, curricular, and psychological effects of using American Indian sport mascots and logos, and; that all public school administrators review their policies and procedures toward the use of American Indian sport mascots, logos, and all demeaning imagery.”

June 5, 2002,     The Charlotte Observer: “Indian mascot moniker at issue: N.C. board may ask schools to revisit images of Native Americans”
-article by reporter Anna Griffin, the CO’s Raleigh Bureau

May 19, 2002,     State School Board Chair corrects April 30, 2002 Asheville Citizen-Times editorial
-He wants it understood that the State Board is not calling for elimination of Indian mascots but will vote only for school distircts to study and review the issue

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