WNCCEIB formed in 1991 to combat successfully racial discrimination policies at a local country club in western North Carolina. Since that time we have worked on many issues involving discrimination, and hate crimes in this mountainous region. Our work includes:

  • providing assistance to victims of hate crimes
  • monitoring activities of white supremacy, militia, and other hate groups in western North Carolina
  • assembling and distributing information about hate activity through printed publications and the internet
  • addressing institutional discrimination/diversity issues with employers in the region in conjunction with workers of those institutions
  • providing research, organizational assistance and other support for communities and organizations faced with issues of hate activity and discrimination

We provide a special focus on key hate groups in the region, particularly the CAUSE Foundation, and its director, Kirk Lyons. CAUSE (Canada, Australia, United States, South Africa, Europe) moved to Black Mountain (15 miles east of Asheville, NC) in 1992 from Houston, Texas where it was known as the Patriots Defense Fund. Lyons moth-balled CAUSE in 1998 and became “Chief Trial Counsel” for the Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) which he describes as a civil rights organization for the Confederate Flag.

We also work closely with the Buncombe County Intertribal Association and other organizations to remove American Indian mascots from public schools locally at Clyde A. Erwin High School in Buncombe County and state-wide.

We express our appreciation to volunteers from MAIN, Mountain Area Information Network, who have helped us develop and maintain this website.

Please contact us for further information or to report hate activity in the region.